Website Development Package

Custom WORDPRESS Websites

@ Find Me!

A ‘starter’ page could be just right for you. Got to have a Website as a landing page for advertising, connection to Word of Mouth referrals. I help you Register your Domain & Setup a Hosting Account, install WordPress and build your “Find Me!” page. Need to expand the site? We upgrade to CompleteWP.

Find Me! Cost: Custom 1-2 page WordPress Responsive Website – $375.
Domain/Hosting paid directly to hosting company of your choice ~ $120 a year.

@ CompleteWP

WordPress Responsive Design Websites
Design/Construct/Launch ~ $825 – $1800
Add-on: Annual Support Package: $50 monthly includes:

  1. All Website content updates, additional pages, update consultations, SEO Updates
  2. WordPress updates (WordPress & Plugins require Security & License updates)

Domain/Hosting paid directly to hosting company of your choice ~ $120 a year.

Please note: To have a WordPress Website, Domain (www address) Registration and Hosting is required at a reputable hosting company, paid yearly, directly to that company – BlueHost, Dreamhost, GoDaddy, or other. Domain & Hosting costs range from $110 – $140/YEAR, which includes email addresses and sometimes additional security, SSL certificates. I assist clients with Domain/Hosting/Email setup. Yes, actually it IS complicated and that’s why I handle the setup process as part of the Website development cost.

Ideas to Launch . . .

Need Website Development from ideas to launch? Contact:

Offering Custom WordPress Responsive Designs to fit your business and organizational requirements.

Payment via PayPal & Credit Card

What Clients Say . . .

"OMG Teri!!!! I absolutely love it! You are a mind reader AND a problem solver! . . . you are fantastic! I was getting a little discouraged about conveying my concept - you took this project and took it where it needs to go."

"Wow!!! What an impressive Website."

"Tons of compliments on the Website coming in! Please feel good about the great job you did!"

Everything looks GREAT! Thanks so much. You're BRILLIANT!

Photo by Bea McKinney